Bill is a certified teacher (Sifu) of Tai Chi Chuan since 2000, and a practitioner of the internal martial, movement, and meditative arts since 1990. He is a skilled instructor in the health wellness and fitness industry, teacher of wellness arts; Tai Chi Chuan, Meditation, Qigong, and Ba Gua Zhang.

He has taught classes, workshops and seminars in London, Frankfurt, and New York.

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HIPPA Compliant
Licensed (e.g., massage, medical)
Certified (e.g., yoga, meditation, nutritionist, financial)
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Certified Compliance Training - Workplace Safety
Career Services
Lifestyle Services
Family Services
Alternative Health Services
Meditation & Breathwork
Dance & Music
Nutrition & Food Services
Art Events
Team Building & Entertainment
Licensed Medical Screenings & Services
Licensed Mental Health Services
Certified Financial Services
Licensed Esthetician Services
Licensed Massage & Bodywork
Certified Yoga
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Tell us about your education: MFA Hunter College CUNY, BFA School of Visual Arts
List any special certifications (e.g., CPR) here:: Instructor level certification in Tai Chi, Meditation, Qigong, Bagua
Describe your experience (awards - publications):: Gold and Silver medals in a number of regional WKF and other tournaments. Appearances in articles in Inside Kung Fu and other martial arts magazines.
Tell us about any past clients you've worked with:: I’ve worked with everyone from 2 year olds to 92 year olds, billionaires and playwrights, hotel workers and martial artists. I’ve taught at the NYC DOH, Google, hotels, medical centers, and corporate events. From one private lesson to events with 50 people.
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From MongoDB- "I thought it was a really nice workshop and it was good at getting you to be in the moment through the simple exercises. Bill is a very pleasant instructor. "

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