Mental Health Matters at Work

Mental illness and substance abuse annually cost employers an estimated $80 to $100 billion in indirect costs alone, and serious mental illness costs America $193.2 billion in lost earnings every year. Additionally, untreated mental illness can be a cost multiplier. Individuals with untreated mental illness will use inpatient and outpatient services three times more than those receiving treatment.

A healthy company depends on an open and positive workplace culture. Unfortunately, the people who need help too often fear the consequences of disclosure. In creating a stigma free environment, employers have the unique opportunity to improve the mental health of employees and their families by leveraging their communication vehicles and healthcare programs.  Investing in a mentally healthy workforce is good for business.   

Attendees will learn: How to confront challenges associated with living and working with a mental health condition • How to overcome the stigma associated with asking for help • To be and create a supportive working environment
About this speaker: The National Alliance on Mental Illness in San Francisco (NAMI SF) was founded in 1983 by family members of people living with a mental illness and acts as the community's voice on mental illness. They are a part of grass-roots, national NAMI organizations, and also an affiliate of NAMI California.
Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Length: 1 Hour
Equipment required: N/A
Post event tools included: N/A
Includes pre-event consultation: No