Food Rx: Reduce Anxiety With Food

Cook along at home during this virtual workshop with Janine! This presentation will focus on the impact of the Standard American Diet on our mental health and will include common foods that can lead to anxiety and healthier alternatives to include instead. There will be a cooking component that will include beneficial ingredients. Participants will learn how home cooking can be helpful to their overall well-being.

Attendees will Learn

-Which foods reduce symptoms of anxiety.
-Which foods and ingredients can cause anxiety.
-How home cooking can benefit your mood.

About this speaker

Janine is a Lifestyle Weight Loss Coach and is on the faculty of the CHEF Coaching Program which is an evidence-based program focused on culinary coaching-–a novel approach to improve nutrition that combines culinary training, health coaching principles, and telemedicine tools and resources. Janine believes that food is medicine and is a vital tool for healing.

Education and Experience

  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • Lifestyle Medicine and Culinary Coach
  • Culinary Nutrition Expert
  • Registered Nurse
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Available as Webinar
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Available Nationwide
Willing to Travel
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HRA/VEBA eligible
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Duration of event (in hour increments): 1 Hour
Equipment buyer needs to provide: Internet Access
Equipment provided by vendor: TBD
Post event tools included: TBD
Includes pre-event consultation: Yes