A Rich Life™ Financial Wellness Workshop

Are you ready to rewire your money mindset?

The A Rich Life™ Financial Wellness Workshop is not another one-way presentation about finance. Using an interdisciplinary approach, financial industry veteran Sheila Walsh, CFP® leads an interactive workshop experience that can reframe the way attendees think about financial decision-making.

During this session, attendees will do an honest assessment of their prevailing attitudes about money and their own financial journey. I will help you to get clear on your values and how your money beliefs may be impacting your entire life. We’ll discuss how to set financial goals and get clarity around your spending.

Based on the audience’s specific needs, we can weave in additional topical areas of interest including: How Credit Works, Rethinking Retirement, Mindful Money Habits, Talking Money with your Honey, and Conversations as our Loved Ones Age.

Attendees will learn

This workshop offers powerful tools and proven frameworks to help attendees increase clarity and confidence with their financial decision-making
- Actionable strategies to reduce money anxieties and replace them with feelings of empowerment and confidence
- Each person will have steps to stop unconscious spending and start building mindful money habits
- Attendees will discover realistic ways to monitor spending and stay on track to achieve their goals
- Participants can learn the “The Retirement Equation” and ways to influence its variables based on their personal goals
- At the end of this session, attendees will be clearer about their own values and process to set financial goals across various life stages

About this speaker

Sheila Walsh CFP®, is a Financial Wellness and Empowerment Leader who helps people understand how to unlock their capacity for an abundant life.

Sheila’s work combines art and science, research and real-world experience. It’s this unique combination bringing together disciplines ranging from behavioral economics to mindfulness that fuels her passion to help others make healthy financial decisions aligned to both their goals and their values.

Sheila began her career in the food & beverage industry where she learned first-hand about the emotional ties people have with what they eat. Prior to opening her own financial wellness practice, she spent over a decade working with investment management industry leaders American Funds/Capital Group and Fidelity Investments building award-winning insights programs for millions of investors on another emotional topic: money.

Provider's Education: Sheila Walsh is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Sheila earned her BA in Political Science and Organizational & Behavioral Management from Brown University and received her MBA from Georgetown University.
Reviews of this provider: "When it comes to income, expenses and budgeting, in the past I hadn’t looked much beyond the surface of the numbers. I love how this seminar challenged me to reframe how I view my finances by looking at it in the context of my values and how I want to feel when I make financial decisions." ......Tracy, lawyer, St. Louis, MO..........."Linking values with making financial decisions was new to me and is a game changer. What a profound way to frame thinking about money, so that I can make sure my decisions are in alignment with who I am and what I value."......Maura, non-profit consultant, Washington, DC
Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Working From Home
Humorous, Funny
Building Awareness For:
Heart Health (February)
Black History (February)
Women's History (February)
Financial Literacy (April)
National Volunteer (April)
Brain Tumor Awareness (May)
Mental Health Awareness (May)
National Stroke Awareness (May)
Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness (June)
Workplace Safety (June)
Sarcoma Awareness (July)
National Yoga (September)
Hispanic Heritage Month (September)
Breast Cancer Awareness (October)
National Arts & Humanities (October)
National Disability Employment Awareness (October)
Movember - Men's Health (November)
LGBTQ/Pride (June)
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Duration of event (in hour increments): 1-1.5
Equipment buyer needs to provide: Video Conferencing system (i.e. Zoom), ability to distribute workbook
Equipment provided by vendor: Interactive workbook
Post event tools included: Survey
Includes pre-event consultation: Yes