Moving Forward in the Marathon of Life

A unique presentation that offers life lessons through the presenter's children’s picture book Pellie Runs A Marathon. Concepts such as positive thinking, perseverance, goal organization & social support all covered in this workshop.

Attendees will learn: Attendees will learn ways of managing stress and proceeding forward in goals through positive psychology, motivation and goal setting strategies.
About this speaker: Michele is the owner of "power pack presentations", a company that offers seminars on wellness, motivation and fitness training. She is also the author of 3 books based on the life lessons you can learn through physical activity. Her books are based on her journals from running marathons.
Provider's Education: Boston College, bachelors Degree in Human Development Springfield College, Masters of Education in Health Science
Provider's Experience: Michele has presented wellness and motivational seminars for various corporations, organizations and colleges. She has delivered keynote addresses for Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s Women Health Event and Litchfield County Women Network’s Daughters Day Event. She has been an invited speaker to conferences such as: WOW! Women of the World Forum, the Boston Chamber of Commerce and Bentley University’s Women’s Network Institute Gearing Up Conference.
Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Working From Home
Humorous, Funny
Other Critera:
Available as Webinar
Recording is OK
Available as In-Person Event
Available Nationwide
Willing to Travel
Offered in Spanish
Offered in other languages
For Call Centers
Especially for Men
Especially for Women
HRA/VEBA eligible
For 3rd Shift
For Retreats
Duration of event (in hour increments): 1 - 4 hours
Equipment buyer needs to provide: Zoom or WebEx link, if virtual event
Equipment provided by vendor: No equipment necessary
Post event tools included: If desired
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired