Strengthening Your Mental Well-being

Mental wellness impacts everyone and chronic stress can take a toll on health and well-being. Mentally healthy workplaces have higher productivity and engagement, and a happier work force. The goal of this workshop is to help in creating a culture of health at the workplace.

‘Strengthening Your Mental Well-being’ will focus on identifying the internal and external symptoms of stress, and its relationship to mental health. It will also teach tangible techniques for effective stress-management, both for the workplace and everyday life. Attendees will get an overview of signs of burn-out and common mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety; and increase their general mental health literacy.

Attendees will learn: • The importance of strengthening mental wellness and the impact of stress/mental illness on the workplace. • Learn to recognize common internal and external symptoms of stress and stress-related mental health problems. • Learn positive coping strategies and stress/anxiety management techniques (e.g. those that can be employed in the workplace); and identifying negative coping strategies (e.g. excessive drinking). • Signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses (depression and anxiety). • Attendees will engage in a short guided-imagery exercise or mindfulness activity, time-permitted. • Overview of the workplace Employment Assistance Program, if available. • Community resources for additional mental health support will be provided, if required.
About this speaker: Israa is a Registered Psychotherapist, whose training began at the University of Toronto and continued at The Derner Institute of Psychological Studies in New York. Her work is focused on individual, youth and couple’s psychotherapy. She counsels in the area of interpersonal and family relationships, cultural and immigration-based issues, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as trauma and stress. She has a specific focus on life transitions and a strong interest in promoting self-reliance, wellness, and finding a balance in life. She employs techniques from Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, as well as other modalities of treatment. She aims to support people in developing newer ways to handle the challenges of life.
Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Length: 60 minutes
Equipment required: N/A
Post event tools included: N/A
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired