The Power of 2 to 10: Work Practices for Call Centers

Reduce stress and Improve Team Effectiveness in 2-10 Minutes per day

While work stress continues to grow across all industries, call centers can be particularly challenging. Employees often feel that they have little power in their workflow each day and the stress can be overwhelming. Mindful thinking can make a significant difference to empower workers with simple tools to create short, powerful pauses to improve their wellbeing and their work with customers.

Attendees will Learn

-Why unplugged breaks in the day are a powerful tool for productivity and resilience
-Methods of stress reduction during challenging calls
-Practices for short pauses in their workflow
-Two-minute activities for individual practice
-Five to ten-minute activities for 1:1 and team meetings

About this Speaker

Elizabeth has twenty years of experience in employee health benefits and engagement and program design, development and delivery. She was most recently VP, Health and Wellness at a national bank, leading employee health and engagement improvement strategies in the US. Previously she provided oversight for customized service models and client relationships with Anthem National Accounts and Anthem Maine. Elizabeth aims to improve health and business performance through the practice of short mindful breaks and team interactions in the workday. The focus is on entry level mindful and resilience training programs and online tools to support these practices and improve the way we work. Elizabeth has spent the last year creating and testing programs specifically for call center employees. Teams of call center agents using her program experienced 0% attrition- teams who did not use her program experienced normal rates of attrition.

Education and Experience

  • 20 years experience in Employee Health Benefits
  • VP Health and Wellness at a national bank
  • Experience with call center employees
Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Working From Home
Other Critera:
For Call Centers
Especially for Men
Especially for Women
Webinar OK - Remote Worker Friendly
Willing to Travel
Available in Spanish
HRA/VEBA eligible
Available Nationwide
For 3rd Shift
For Retreats
COVID 19/Quarantine Related
Recording is OK
Length: 1 Hour
Equipment required: N/A
Post event tools included: N/A
Includes pre-event consultation: Yes