Making Happy Happen - Best Practices to Live Your Best Life

Why do some people seem happier than others, no matter what they do or don’t have? Is it true that less is actually more? Is stress always bad and what can we do to make less of it in our lives? Join integrative identity coach Dillan, for an inspiring and illuminating interactive talk to help you live your best life now, exactly as you are with everything you have while you work for what you want next.
He’ll share stories from his life experiments and experiences as a coach, writer and speaker and some case studies from his clients’ lives to help you rethink what’s blocking you from making happy happen and how easy it is to make it more possible in this very moment.

Attendees will Learn

-Common misconceptions and barriers to happiness -Context and conversation to redefine happiness -Success and life purpose
-Pros and cons of different stressors
-Strategies and mindsets to nurture sustainable well-being and more happiness

About this Speaker

Dillan is an internationally-certified Integrative Nutrition coach, speaker and writer leading a revolutionary conversation about identity and well-being. His inspirational message makes him a teacher every person can learn from. Through his understanding of the human experience at a profound level, Dillon helps people practice self-care and compassion for themselves and others. Dillan is a two-time TEDx speaker and has coached or spoken at companies like IDEO, Microsoft, General Assembly and WeWork. He recently moved back home to New Jersey after living in New England for 12 years. He loves 80s music, his favorite movie is The Karate Kid and he would definitely beat you in a lip-syncing contest.

Education and Experience

  • Internationally-certified Integrative Nutrition coach
  • Speaker and writer
  • Two-time TEDx speaker
  • Presented at IDEO, Microsoft, General Assembly and WeWork
Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Working From Home
Length: range from 75-120 minutes
Equipment required: n/a
Post event tools included: n/a
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired