Getting Comfortable At Work - Ergonomics for the Office

An interactive group class. These are highly tailored to the equipment that is currently available. The purpose of the course is to teach employees what they can do to stay comfortable at work. Here is an outline of the class:
-What is ergonomics and why do I need it? Ergonomics isn’t about the “stuff”. It’s all about adjusting what you have for a good fit and practicing safe work habits.
-Chair - We encourage employees to BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair….because we will be showing them exactly how to adjust it in class.
-Keyboard and mouse - We show people how to find their proper keyboard/mouse height and talk about different keyboards and mice. We will also teach proper technique.
-Monitors and Laptops - Whether working with one monitor, a laptop, or multiple screens, we will demonstrate the best way to arrange them.
-Standing - For those with standing workstations, we talk about best practices and coach them in making adjustments, proper standing postures and discuss how long standing during the day is recommended.
-Staying Healthy - Finally, even with the workstation arranged in an ideal manner, people simply have to add movement into their day. We will provide our Desk Stretches and teach people how to use them.

About this speaker: Lisa is an occupational therapist specializing in ergonomics consulting. She started her career in industrial health performing ergonomic evaluations, job task assessments, return to work testing, and job accommodations.
Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Working From Home
Length: 60 minutes
Equipment required: na
Post event tools included: if desired
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired