Aromatherapy for Everyone

Aromatherapy is an ancient science that has recently surged in popularity and visibility, but what is it? In this hands-on class attendees will learn about the history, science and application of aromatherapy. Beginning with a presentation, this class offers experiences of smelling different essential oils and learning about their many properties and uses. We complete the class with a wonderful aromatic experience to help brighten and focus the mind as everyone goes on with their day. Please note the essential oils used are free of any synthetic fillers and are shown scientifically to be the purest available on the market today.

Attendees Will Learn

-the basic science, history and application of aromatherapy
-the three different ways to use essential oils
-things to be mindful and careful of when using essential oils
-easy and accessible ways to naturally support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

About This Speaker

Anna is an interdisciplinary healing arts practitioner. She is a Wu Tao Dance teacher, Reiki Master, Rebirthing Breathworker, Empowerment Counselor, Essential Oil Advocate and Burlesque Performer and Teacher. Her purpose is to help people reconnect to their own hearts in safety and love. By using breath, sound and movement, Anna helps you to uncover what really matters - you - so you can create the conditions for the life you have always wanted to lead.


Anna was great. Looking forward to seeing her again.
It was great. Everyone loved it. We are looking forward to the next events!

Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Length: Typically one hour but can be tailored to fit client's needs
Equipment required: Projector
Post event tools included: handouts available to be emailed
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired