How to Beat Burnout and Anxiety with Food

Are you experiencing exhaustion, poor sleep, winter blues, weak immune function, and brain fog? Do you simply feel...fried? Feeling on edge and irritable? Did you know the foods you eat can play a major role in your mood, anxiety levels, stress and even impending burn out. Missy has helped many over-worked, high achieving executives become more strong, resilient and powerful, and discuss how to heal burnout through diet and lifestyle changes.

Attendees will learn: How to recognize when you’re in overdrive headed toward burnout and what to do about it, how being stuck in a stress response can result in a multitude of symptoms, what IBS has to do with burnout, and how small changes in diet can have an immediate effect on your health.
About this speaker: Missy Chase Lapine is a food innovator and New York Times bestselling cookbook author of The Sneaky Chef series whose original and fresh approach to healthy cooking has transformed the way America feeds its families. She is also a renowned Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a thriving private practice. Missy’s unique and creative method of recipe development has earned her the title of Top 20 Most Influential Moms in Food.
Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Other Critera:
COVID 19/Quarantine Related
For Call Centers
For 3rd Shift
Especially for Men
Especially for Women
Webinar OK - Remote Worker Friendly
Willing to Travel
Available in Spanish
HRA/VEBA eligible
Available Nationwide
For Retreats
Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Equipment required: NA
Post event tools included: Recipes
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired