Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist

Pregnancy is without question a life altering experience. A recent study suggested that the physical intensity of pregnancy is like running a 40-week marathon! With this in mind, preparing the body both before and after pregnancy will provide you with a host of benefits, which will outweigh the sometimes daunting thought of lacing up those sneakers - I promise!
Prenatal Women will receive 121 training that focuses on strengthening the whole body, whilst building endurance and stamina. Dedicated focus will be placed on learning to properly connect to your core and prepare both the body and mind for all stages of pregnancy.
For Postnatal Women: Returning to exercise can be a daunting prospect after birth but with the right support and guidance, regaining strength and confidence does not have to be an unrealistic goal. We will focus on learning to once again connect with your core, regain strength throughout the body and support healthy energy levels to help you keep up with the demands of being a working Mom!
About your Trainer, Grace: "Over the past 5 years I have honed my passion for fitness and wellness into helping people feel their best throughout every stage of life. I have honed my craft whilst training alongside Olympic Team GB coaches and now here in NYC I am applying my skillset whilst studying for a degree in Nutrition."

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