Introducing "Chi Kung" - Tai Chi's Accessible Cousin

Qigong offers the same benefits of Tai Chi, but it's more accessible and easier to do. Qigong combines gentle movement, breathing and visualization and is quite fun. It can be done standing or sitting and can be done as a 20 minute practice or as very short "mini Chi Kung" moments during the day. Like Tai Chi, it may lower blood pressure, relax body tension, improve sleep, clear stress and increase productivity. The variety of techniques can be done by anyone. This intro includes several different Chi Kung practices that use fun visualizations from nature, fluid soft movements and deep breathing. Participants will leave relaxed, centered and in great moods.

Attendees Will Learn

-A variety of practices, some with movement and others that "don't show" that can be done anywhere.
-Short practices that can be done in 5 minutes to relax and recharge
-How to combine the shorter practices into a longer practice of 15 to 20 minutes
-Enough background to understand the "why" of each practice
-Modifications for any active issues like back or knee pain

About This Provider

Miranda is a senior Instructor of an international Qigong and meditation lineage, with a Master's degree in medical Qigong and Level 3 Master of Usui Reiki. She brings extensive training, practice and teaching experience, along with compassion, humor and intelligence to her teaching, coaching and energetic body work.

Education and Experience

  • Masters of Medical Qigong
  • Masters of Visual Art
  • Black Belt in Japanese Martial Arts
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Health Fairs
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Duration of event (in hour increments): 1 hour
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