Knitting for the Workplace

A fun, social team-building activity where learning a new skill together is the focus. This workshop integrates stretches and deep breathing to enhance the meditative qualities of knitting. No prior experience is necessary and open to knitters of all levels.

This is designed to be an ongoing program on a weekly or bi-weekly cadence that allow employees to disconnect from their day, returning with renewed focus and energy. Open to beginners and experienced knitters, this program takes participants through the basics of knitting and builds on those skills over time, giving them the satisfaction of a steadily deepening mastery of the craft. This also provides an hour to connect informally with colleagues, promoting a positive, empathetic workplace culture in a non-professional setting.

Ideally an activity that is for groups of 10 or less, but adjustments can be made for larger groups. One-off team-building sessions can be accommodated as well.

Attendees Will Learn

-How to knit
-breathing exercises

Event Type:
Other Critera:
COVID 19/Quarantine Related
For Call Centers
For 3rd Shift
Especially for Men
Especially for Women
Webinar OK - Remote Worker Friendly
Willing to Travel
Available in Spanish
HRA/VEBA eligible
Available Nationwide
For Retreats
Length: 1 Hour
Equipment required: Conference room with table, chairs, and good lighting
Includes pre-event consultation: Yes