Stress Less for Success

Stress Less for Success introduces participants to the definition and symptoms of stress. The presentation details the cause and effect relationship of excessive stress on the body and to one’s overall health. It is an introductory talk that leads participants to identifying their personal/professional stressors, common best practices, and support for effective stress management. It meets the needs of participants at all levels by giving creative and innovative approaches to managing stress wholistically and naturally. Participants will have general knowledge of the subject area and be able to immediately apply what they have learned to their lives.

Attendees Will Learn

-The latest stress research and innovative approaches to reducing stress
-Self-massage and relaxing breathing practices to relieve pain and anxiety
-New skills, in-depth resources and referral information to help reduce the impacts of stress in your day to day life

About This Speaker

Darlene is embracing positive change and enjoying the journey of conscious living, holistically and naturally. Sharing love, peace and joy with others comes as second nature for her. With extensive experience working with schools and community based organizations as a physical education teacher, health and wellness coordinator, nutrition and physical activity specialist, group fitness instructor, and massage therapy instructor, Darlene is putting her experience, training and education to good use.

Education and Experience

  • Experience in corporate training and professional teaching
  • Compass Intervention
Other Critera:
For Call Centers
Especially for Men
Especially for Women
Webinar OK - Remote Worker Friendly
Willing to Travel
Available in Spanish
HRA/VEBA eligible
Available Nationwide
For 3rd Shift
For Retreats
COVID 19/Quarantine Related
Recording is OK
Length: 60-90 min
Equipment required: Projector and mic
Post event tools included: Handouts
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired