Awakening to Life Through a Brain Tumor

Diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 24 in 1998, Jeannine's odyssey through diagnosis, first awake brain surgery, a recurrence, hundreds of integrative therapies, two more awake brain surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy dendritic cell vaccine, and tremendous healing along the way has been a journey of awakening. Jeannine's story, including navigating the cancer care system, serving as her advocate, addressing crossroads between life and death, and trusting herself in the process has been one of intense self-discovery and liberation. This presentation focuses on Jeannine's story highlighting insights about awakening into life.

Attendees Will Learn

-Insights and inspiration from a first hand account of dealing with a health crisis

About This Speaker

Jeannine is an accomplished leader, respected expert, and vibrant cancer survivor. Her work is centered on aspects of the whole person. Jeannine's extensive professional background features over 20 years of work that consists of the U.S. Congress, non-profits, National Cancer Institute, Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (now National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health), doctors, providers, hospitals, clinics, other businesses, and individuals.

Education and Experience

-Presentations for non-profits, hospitals, and other places
-Educational conferences to patients, caregivers, and/or professionals
-Speaker for healthcare industries, pharma, and biotech companies

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Financial Wellness
Mental Health
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Length: 1 Hour
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