Healthy Habit Building for Remote Workers

Working-from-home makes it challenging to exercise consistently, eat healthy, unwind after work, and get enough sleep. People are looking to re-incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle as they adjust to their new routine. This 60-minute Healthy Habit Building talk will equip employees with strategies to feel in control of their wellness routine and energized. During the workshop Habit Coach Ilse guides people through building a personalized habit-building plan, including actionable steps to incorporate the plan into their lifestyle using her 6 Step Habit Methodology. First Ilse helps people identify which healthy habits employees should build so they get clarity on where they should focus their time and energy. Then Ilse guides people through the 6 steps to incorporating a healthy habit into their lifestyle so they learn how to strategically go about this lifestyle change. People leave feeling energized and in-control of their wellness routine.

Attendees Will Learn

-4 steps to identify which healthy habits they should build
-6 steps to incorporating a healthy habit into their lifestyle

Video Sample

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About This Speaker

Ilse is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and founder of a text message habit-coaching platform that has empowered hundreds of individuals to incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle using her 6 Step Habit Methodology. She's is a former L’Oreal marketer and healthcare innovation consultant turned habit-based wellness expert.

Education and Experience

-NASM certified
-Healthcare Consultant
-Experienced Speaker


Writing down my goals and understanding the common denominator that was preventing me from reaching them was incredible. It all becomes clear and simple when it's written and placed in front of you.

Very insightful and impactful work. Questioning your habits and ensuring best practice in your life is so important, and something a lot of people don't do. Thanks so much for this workshop!

The workshop went so well. Great attendance and engagement.

Speaker Topic:
Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Other Critera:
COVID 19/Quarantine Related
For Call Centers
For 3rd Shift
Especially for Men
Especially for Women
Webinar OK - Remote Worker Friendly
Willing to Travel
Available in Spanish
HRA/VEBA eligible
Available Nationwide
For Retreats
Length: 1 Hour
Equipment required: Virtual meeting software
Post event tools included: Worksheet
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired